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February 22 2020


Its All About the Famous Game Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash is one among the foremost popular games on Google Play Store, and if you wish playing puzzle games that are exciting enough, then you would like to download Geometry Dash 2.1 APK for Android immediately and install it on your smartphone.

The sport is out there for Android devices and you'll catch on from Google Play Store. there's a premium version available, that you simply will need to purchase; but if you would like to play the sport for free of charge , then you'll download either the Lite or Meltdown version of the sport. 

It features several levels containing obstacles and spikes that you simply need to dodge and make it through to the top to advance on to subsequent level. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it’s extremely tough and at an equivalent time, it’s addictive also. 

So, you'll download Geometry Dash APK for Android from this text then sideload it on your smartphone to start out playing the sport .


The game is liberal to download and play and may be a rhythm-based action platformer that gives simple, yet addictive gameplay.

There are several levels within the game that you simply need to complete. Each level has their own sets of obstacles and spikes that you simply will got to dodge so as to succeed in the top and advance to subsequent level.

You can control your character and jump, flip and even fly over all the while avoiding the damaging passages and obstacles.

The game is sort of hard, albeit it's simple, so you would like to urge an edge of it by playing the practice level first. once you play the sport , you'll need to complete the whole level in one go because if you're hit by the obstacles, you'll got to start all the way from the start .

All these awesome levels accompany their very own music and soundtracks that creates the experience even more fun.

As you advance ahead within the game, you'll be ready to unlock new icons and even customize your character the way you would like .


The game is one among the foremost addictive games with a really simple gameplay – all you've got to try to to is cross the extent while dodging the obstacles and making it to the top point without getting killed in the least. 

If you can’t dodge the obstacles, then you'll need to start once more from the very beginning. This makes it one among the only yet toughest games for Android device.

Geometry Dash may be a rhythm-based action platformer game where you're on top of things of a cube . you've got to form sure that the block doesn’t get hit by any obstacles or fall within the pits or spikes in the least. 

As you advance ahead within the level, you'll be ready to fly rockets, flip gravity and do far more all the while dodging the obstacles to finish the amount . There are multiple levels within the game, each harder than the previous one and that they all have unique soundtracks that make your play time far more enjoyable.

The Geometry Dash APK game may be a free version that permits you to play certain levels for free of charge , but if you would like access to all or any the amount and features with none limitations, then you'll need to purchase the premium Geometry Dash full version app.

The game may sound hard initially because you don’t get second chances and if you die, you've got to start from the very start; but it’s not that bad because you'll use the practice mode first to sharpen your skills and obtain familiar enough with the extent to finish it in one single go. 

There are several achievements to unlock and rewards to gather within the Geometry Dash online game.

If you wish playing addictive game that have a particularly simple game play, then you're getting to love playing Geometry Dash Lite game as well!

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